Who is BuildingLogic?

We are a Design/Build firm, General Contractor, and High Performance Building Consultants. We are the future of building.

BuildingLogic is a partnership that began when Lillian Maurer and Patrick Murphy met on the construction site of a home that Lillian designed. Frustrated by the skepticism and lack of understanding she encountered when discussing her high-performance design with tradespeople, Lillian found an ally in Patrick when he was brought on as a lead carpenter. Patrick’s openness to new methods and materials, creative problem-solving, and exuberant passion for building things “right” was a perfect complement to Lillian’s progressive design. It wasn’t long before they decided to join forces and work together.

Hello, I’m Lillian Maurer.

I’m an architectural designer, Certified Passive House Consultant, builder, and obsessive researcher. I believe that the built environment should be practical and be beautiful while using a minimum of resources.  I have been designing and building spaces since 1998.

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As the child of an engineer and a third generation artist, I grew up learning about the physical and visual properties of colors and materials and I was always making things and building forts wherever I could. In the course of earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture, I developed a love of working with unusual materials and assembling them in unexpected combinations.

In 1998 I signed a long-term lease on 13,000 square feet of raw warehouse space on the Brooklyn waterfront and converted it into ten live-work lofts. That project has influenced subsequent designs with their recurring themes of living space connected to the outdoors and my preference for the warmth and honesty of natural materials in cleanly detailed spaces.

( Patrick says: Lillian is also a total Building Science geek! )


In my free time I tinker with my 1955 panel truck and work on returning to Reining competition with my Quarter Horse.

Hello, I’m Patrick Murphy.

I’m a master carpenter, Certified Passive House Tradesperson, hard worker, and a problem solver who is a stickler for precision in fit and finish. I have worked in the field for the past 30 years.

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While growing up on a beef and corn farm in central Illinois, I learned my work ethic by starting work every morning several hours before school and continuing to work every evening and weekend. At 22 my degree in beef science and agricultural production brought me to New York; less than a year later the ranch that hired me shut down. I hired on to a construction crew and felt incredibly lucky to be working only 40 hours a week for the same pay and getting the entire weekend off. I used my new-found free time to study construction and through the decades of working with many old-school master framers, finish carpenters, masons, and other tradespeople, I absorbed the depth of knowledge that informs my work today.  My interactions and affiliations with homeowners, sub-contractors, and architects have always been a strong suit of mine, most often ending up as a new friendships.

A primary motivation in my work is my desire to continually seek better methods and solutions. Although I had been using ecological construction practices for many years, in 2006 I was foreman on the first LEED Platinum certified building in New York State and that experience sealed the deal for me in the “Green” building direction. Integrating my traditional skills and craftsmanship with the latest materials and advances in building science means I continue to love to go to work every day.

(Lillian says: Patrick loves to teach, makes every job fun and can do math in his head!)


I also would like to mention that I am the father of four adult children, have been a volunteer fireman earning the rank of lieutenant, volunteer coach for youth basketball, soccer, flag football and baseball from Little League through Senior Babe Ruth–most of the time I helped run the leagues as well. I play softball, am a pretty good amateur chef, and my favorite colors are red, white, and blue, and green.

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